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About MPS

Medicare Planning Solutions is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit community service.

We help Arizona’s senior citizens get the Medicare and Medicaid insurance benefits they are entitled to . . . and deserve.

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Our MPS staff and volunteers help income-challenged seniors understand their Medicare options.

They provide educational workshops, counseling and Medicaid enrollment assistance.

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Do You Qualify?

In Arizona, many low-income seniors are entitled to Medicare and Medicaid benefits at little and possibly no cost.

Unfortunately, most seniors are unaware of their options. Are you one of them?

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Thank You Donors, Staff,
Volunteers And Partners!

Our Partners

We are very grateful to our partners, Senior Lifestyle Solutions and the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System.

Their support enables MPS Medicare education, counseling and facilitation.

Thank You Partners!

Our People

It would be impossible to adequately thank our staff and volunteers for the work they do to make life healthier and happier for life-challenged, elderly Arizonans.

Nonetheless, we want to try. Thank you MPS People!

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Our Donors

Our generous donors are improving healthcare for low-income seniors and they are receiving an Arizona tax credit for themselves.

Medicare Planning Solutions is an Arizona Qualifying Charitable Organization.

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