Thank You MPS DonorsIn Arizona more than 179,000 seniors have an income at or below the federal poverty level (which is $1,012 per month). For these life-challenged individuals keeping a roof over their head and food on the table often makes obtaining quality healthcare impossible.

Your donation to Medicare Planning Solutions directly helps income challenged Arizona senior citizens access the quality healthcare they are entitled to . . . and deserve.

Your generous donation will also provide you with an Arizona income tax credit of up to $400 for an individual or $800 for a couple.

Donate Online

Or, donate by check. Please make your check payable to Medicare Planning Solutions and mail it to Medicare Planning Solutions, 8125 N. 23rd Avenue, Suite 110, Phoenix, Arizona 85021.

Your donation of any amount will help an impoverished senior access quality healthcare.

Please Help Us Solve The Problem

Fortunately, almost every senior is entitled to Medicare benefits, often at little and possibly at no cost. But, unfortunately, many seniors find taking advantage of their Medicare and Medicaid entitlements a daunting problem. That is why Medicare Planning Solutions is on a mission to solve the problem. With your help, we provide Medicaid education, counseling, assessments and enrollment support.

From our Board, Staff and Volunteer Educators and Counselors, please accept our deep appreciation for your support.

We will be sending you a letter confirming your Arizona tax deduction. And, you can download your Arizona tax credit application Form 321 here.

You can also view our Donor Privacy information and our nonprofit 501(c)(3) Form 990 here.

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