Do You Qualify?

At a median household income of less than $40,000 per year, the majority of Arizona’s 1.2 million seniors qualify for a variety of low-cost Medicare benefits. In addition, the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (Arizona’s Medicaid program), provides no-cost healthcare coverage for seniors living below the federal poverty level.

Do you qualify for low cost, or possibly no cost Medicare benefits? Nonprofit Medicare Planning Solutions can help you find out.

Medicare Workshops

Fortunately, almost every Arizona senior is entitled to Medicare benefits, often at little and possibly at no cost. But, the problem is, many seniors are unaware of their best options.

Our MPS volunteers (who are highly knowledgeable certified and licensed Medicare insurance sales agents) conduct educational workshops for groups ranging from 20 to several hundred. They explain Medicare and Medicaid coverage options in simple, easy to understand terms. They also conduct question and answer sessions to assure that workshop participants understand their healthcare insurance options.

Our Medicare Workshops are totally non-commercial.

To arrange an Educational Medicare Workshop for your group, please contact us.

Personal Counseling

Our MPS staff and volunteers also provide personal counseling to determine eligibility for Arizona’s Medicaid program. They also assist in applying. There is no cost for these services.

To request personal Medicare and Medicaid counseling, please contact us.

MPS Is On A Mission

At Medicare Planning Solutions, we are on a mission to assure that every Arizona senior is aware of the low-cost and possibly no-cost Medicare benefits that they are entitled to and deserve.

Learn more about your Medicare options . . .

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